Monday, May 22, 2017

Bead-It-Forward Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took a moment to share their thoughts and opinions!!  It is SO helpful!

Here is a summary of the most popular answers, and some of this is paraphrasing, but as the survey answers came in, a lot of similar thoughts were revealed.

The first question: Many people have suggested making the squares available in their raw form, unassembled.  What do you think of this idea? 

Over 80% of respondents said they loved it or didn't care either way.  This will be a fun new element to add to the Bead-It-Forward product line!

Second question: Thinking ahead to 2018, what would you like the theme to be? (The 2018 theme will be selected from the most popular answer)

This one was a little bit closer, the top two answers were Butterflies and Hearts, but Butterflies beat Hearts by 6% so BUTTERFLIES it is for the 2018 theme!!

Third question: Fundraising has been a challenge and there is still a lot of product (quilts and other crafted objects) leftover from previous years.  Any suggestions on how to increase the appeal of selling the quilts?

The answers to these questions were incredibly thoughtful and fantastic!

SMALLER ITEMS: One idea that came up time and time again, was to not make as many quilts, and to make items smaller, hence more useful and/or affordable.  So for SURE this year, we will make more journals, ornaments, bookmarks, etc...

DONATE MORE WIDELY: Another idea that was mentioned many times was to donate the items to local fundraisers around the country that benefit or are related to breast cancer research or care.  This is totally do-able!  In fact, if anyone knows of any fundraisers, let's get some quilts donated to these events!

EXPOSURE THROUGH BEAD SOCIETIES, GROUPS, AND STORES: Yes, yes, and yes!  This is a great idea and an easy, low-cost/no-cost way to gain more exposure about the project.

So once again, a HUGE thanks to everyone who took a moment to contribute their thoughts and opinions on this project.  Stay tuned for info on when 2017 product will be available for purchase this summer!